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Why Have Politicians Abandoned Economic and Financial Policies to Non-Elected Bankers?

By Rodrigue Tremblay Since 1999, non-elected bankers have been in charge of economic policy in the US and other countries, with questionable results. Are we...

Donald Trump is the Presidential Candidate the Republican Party Deserves

By Lawrence Ware Republicans have had no problem using bigotry, often in subtle ways, to win elections. White supremacy is a well-established part of Republican...

The New Tyranny: A Preface to the 2016 Elections in the United States

By Timothy K. Kuhner Democracy in the United States has been replaced by a rival form of government premised upon the power of wealth. Not...

“Without Haste But Without Pause”: Cuba-US Relations in the Age of Obama

By John M. Kirk and Stephen Kimber This article analyses the significance of the March 2016 visit to Cuba by President Barack Obama, assesses changes...

Duterte’s Global Impact

From the Editors On 1st July 2016, Rodrigo Duterte will begin his term as the President of the Republic of the Philippines. Mr Duterte has formidable...

Collective Life Capital: The Lost Ground of the Economy

By John McMurtry In this analysis, the author definitively explains collective life capital as the missing base of the economy under systemic attack by life-blind...

Make it New: The History of Silicon Valley Design

By Barry M. Katz Barry Katz’s book Make it New: The History of Silicon Valley Design sets out to answer the question of how “design”...