We Will Not Stop Talking about Racism

By Lawrence Ware and Rebecca Martinez Many white people want to stop talking about racism. Consciousness implies action, and that kind of talking about race,...
children’s social intelligence

How the pandemic may damage children’s social intelligence

By Professor Barbara J Sahakian, Dr Christelle Langley, Professor Fei Li and Jianfeng Feng   Do you remember the excitement and anticipation of your first...

How to choose educational apps for pre-school children

By Joanna Kolak and Gemma Taylor Lockdowns and school closures have pushed more aspects of our lives online. This has encouraged parents and children to...

American Millennials and the World

By A. Trevor Thrall and Erik Goepner The 9/11 attacks have been the defining event of the American millennial generation. The article discusses how American...
Daughter's perspective

Heinz Junkermann – A Daughter’s Perspective

Nicole Junkermann learnt about business at a young age. As a girl, she’d be taken into meetings by her father Heinz Junkermann and offered an insight...

Is a Languages Strategy Essential for Britain’s Economy to Prosper Post Brexit?

By Gabrielle Hogan-Brun Britain hopes to draw on the trade relationships of the former Commonwealth to grow its economy post Brexit. Could this place too...
Modern Learner

Individualized Learning in Executive Education Accommodating the Modern Learner

By Mandy Hübener, Bianca Schmitz and Bethan Williams ESMT Berlin is the highest-ranked business school in Germany and Top 10 in Europe. Founded by...

Happiness Is A Place Between Too Little And Too Much

By Danny Dorling and Annika Koljonen School meals are never termed “free” in Finland; they are simply called “lunch”. Alongside Sweden; Finland is one of...
Books About Women Empowerment

Influential Books About Women Empowerment and Being Your Own Boss

Since the 1700s to the 2010s, there has been a steady and healthy abundance of fictional, theoretical, and critical literary works all revolving around...

The Plight of Children in a Neoliberal World

By Peter Koenig The NYT wrote yesterday, Christmas Day, that an 8-year old Guatemalan boy died in US Border Control custody. The circumstances are not...
teaching more women-friendly, post-COVID

How to make teaching more women-friendly, post-COVID

By Katy Marsh-Davies and Suzanne Brown For women, teaching is often seen as a welcoming profession. The greater flexibility and work-life balance that the job...

Tips for Thriving in Your Career During the Pandemic

The Covid-19 virus has caused a global economic crisis, and the US hasn't come out the other side just yet. You may be worried...
Climate change

How Students Can Use Storytelling to Bring the Dangers of Climate Change to Life

By Katie Persons, Florence Halstead, and Lisa Jones With the stark “code red” warnings from the world’s climate experts in the most recent report by the Intergovernmental...

How to handle the next lockdown and Christmas – some tips for recently separated...

By Dr Susan Kay-Flowers The impact of lockdown has made many of us reflect on what’s important in our lives and in our personal relationships....

7 Reasons Why You must Consider Studying in the UK

By Harshita Anand The UK proudly holds the reputation to be the ultimate academic excellence. With over 130 eminent universities, many international students aspire to...

How Technology Is Rupturing the Minds of Our Younger Generation

By Samantha Kaylee The Millennials and those belonging from Generation Z have experienced a lifetime on this planet where digital technology was made available to...
Arts Education

COVID-19 Threatens the Already Shaky Status of Arts Education in Schools

By Ryan D. Shaw Parents can watch their kids draw and paint at home or perform in school music concerts and dance recitals. But...