Beginners Guide to Pinterest Marketing


By Shristi Patni

The social landscape has shifted and so have the social media algorithms. Pinterest is the most effective marketing tool. 

People here are more interested in home content, beauty content, style content, travel content, and food content. Hence, you have more possibilities to sustain your business on this platform. 

It’s easy to get started with Pinterest Marketing. You’ll need to create a business account. 

By creating one, you’ll dive deep into the analytics, which will help you learn more about the audiences, their preferences, and will help in devising different strategies. 

Also, after establishing your identity, you can collaborate with different influencers and brands, which will help your business grow. 

4 Important Aspects of Pinterest Marketing

You might have seen the option of “boards” on your Pinterest profile, which revolves around different themes. It’s better to organize the boards as it’s easy for the customers to locate. Here’s an overview of how to start with Pinterest Marketing:

1. Content

To create content, you’ll have to add other users’ content along with your content on your board. You can add 10 of your pins and 10 of other users’ pins to Pinterest every day. Besides, to make it more alluring, you can give a good design to your content, add a photo and a logo to it. To keep it more organized and updated, it’s necessary to have a posting schedule. 

You can give a glimpse of the content you’ll be posting, give a sneak-peak about your upcoming products, projects, and new launches. People love to know about exclusive things which they wouldn’t have access to. This kind of content develops curiosity and is highly valued. 

You may give a sneak-peak about behind the scenes. It keeps the audience engrossed and entertained, and will help them to connect with more brands. 

2. SEO

As Pinterest is one of the high search platforms, making the content SEO optimized can drive traffic to your profile. Add pin descriptions, keywords, and board titles to your own profile.

If you have access to ads, then you can reach out to more users who are looking for similar content, by using the keyword targeting tool. 

3. To increase Followers

You can find inane ways to get more followers on this platform. You can target the audience of similar accounts with whom you can have strong connections. 

You may use Pinterest to find others who have similar interests.  

Also, you can promote your account on your website, or other brands profiles and their social handles. This will bring a larger audience.

The more you interact and keep the audience engaged, the more followers you’ll have. If they leave any comments, respond to them or re-pin them. 

4. Analytics

The Pinterest analytic platform contains data on your audience and pins. It’s all about information. 

You can get general information about your audiences, such as your audience’s pin format, how much your audiences are engrossed in content and their comparison with last month, how they see your content, and about your top pins and boards. 

By having access to this information, you can easily enhance your marketing strategies.

Pinterest advertisements 

You can find access to a variety of Pinterest ads to achieve certain objectives:

1. Promote Pinterest App Pins

You can promote your app extensively to make it convenient for users to directly download it via Pinterest. 

2. Promoted Carousel Ads

Carousels are best when you have a bunch of photos and want to incorporate all of them into a slide. You can easily promote 5 images in a single pin to let users swipe through. 

3. Promoted Pin

Freestyle watches use it to promote a single pin. They use a single pin with a single picture that, when clicked directly leads a user to the product page.  

Advanced Tips to consider for Pinterest Marketing 

Pinterest can be used in numerous ways in your marketing plan. You can market your own brand or can even get paid for pins by other businesses.

1. Earn Money by Linking the Affiliate Links

You may earn money by selling these affiliate items, and then including their links in your pins to make it convenient for users to purchase them. 

Also, you can add a CTA for users to be aware of the products they’re about to purchase. If you’re a fashion blogger, then it can be great for you to brag about your outfits to users, and add their links to your pins. 

2. Team-up for Joint Promotions

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a brand or a creator, you can create pins and marketing campaigns to work with different companies. The drill is to post pins and customise them to your own brand. 

Alternatively, there’s a group of creators called Pin Collective. You can find them and you can create a campaign to target a specific audience.

3. Create Share Boards

You may create share boards with brands that you are along well with and aren’t your competitors. 

For example, if you sell coffee and other brands sell cookies, then these two things complement each other and you can create shared boards. 

Both the profiles will have access to boards. In some instances, smaller brands pay a certain fee to bigger brands for collaboration or partnership, and this is perfectly fine as the smaller brands are benefiting from the bigger brand. 

The Takeaway

You can make the most of Pinterest in your digital marketing strategy. You can do some research and then leverage it. It’s essential to know your audience so that you can create your Pinterest Marketing strategy accordingly. 

Besides, pins have to be alluring and appealing to be highly appreciated by the users. 

Pins shouldn’t be boring, instead, they should portray a story that users become interested in adapting to, or get encouraged by the pins. 

It has to carry meaning to keep the users engaged. Nothing is perfect. You have to keep experimenting to ace the platform!

What’s your Pinterest Marketing Strategy and how will you implement it? Tell us in the comments section below!

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