The Political Anthropologist Delivers:

• Informative analysis on power structures of societies
• Diverse understanding on varied social and political systems
• Extensive insights on international and local issues
• Authentic information and influential people
• Contemporary anthropological discussions
• Reflections on fieldwork-based research

The Political Anthropologist is for all those who seek diverse views and insights on the different aspects of social reality and political anthropology from ethnocentric to contemporary approaches on international and local political systems. We aim to explore the power structures of societies, the ways in which leaders establish or bolster their authority, examine the effect of colonialism, racism, feminism, and rediscover the role of law and justice. We aim to gather people with different backgrounds exchanging their views on different aspects of life in this world as social political human beings.



Studies copyThe Political Anthropologist is a bi-monthly magazine covering all aspects of the political economy such as power and leadership in simple and complex societies, ways in which political leaders bolster their authority through tradition, force, persuasion and religion, and how it can affect societies with different cultural foundations.

Written by top scholars, thinkers and leading experts from around the world, each article in The Political Anthropologist is designed to ensure you are equipped with the contextual intelligence you need in order to understand the essence of politics in everyday life, varying from one culture to another and depending on the behaviour of social actors.