7 Reasons Why You must Consider Studying in the UK


By Harshita Anand

The UK proudly holds the reputation to be the ultimate academic excellence. With over 130 eminent universities, many international students aspire to study here, making it the most popular study destination in Europe and the second-most worldwide. 

The UK higher education degrees are valued all over the world by academics and employers, which helps create a good network in the corporate world.

Whether you are looking to pursue an undergraduate, graduate, or PhD program, there is a multitude of reasons to choose the UK as your preferred location. And here, in this guide, we have compiled the top seven reasons to study in the country and enjoy a glorious career ahead.

A Hub of Top Universities

The UK houses some of the world’s oldest and best universities with a long list of leading colleges. As per the list QS World University Rankings 2022, four UK universities have successfully bagged the coveted positions in the top 10. While the University of Oxford secured the second spot, the University of Cambridge attained fourth.

The universities in the UK are checked regularly by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education to ensure high learning and teaching standards. 

Top 5 Universities in the UK 

  1. University of Oxford
  2. University of Cambridge
  3. Imperial College London 
  4. University College London (UCL)
  5. The University of Edinburgh

Shorter Degrees 

The degrees in the UK take less time to complete than in most countries. The undergraduate degree usually takes four years to complete in many countries, and postgraduate degrees take two to three years. Meanwhile, it takes three years to complete an undergraduate degree and one year for postgraduate qualifications in the UK, unless you are a research or medical student.

The shorter courses help international students avoid splurging excess money on tuition fees and have quick graduation.

Diverse Range in Courses

With shorter degrees, you also get the benefit to choose a unique course of your choice or something you probably even never heard of!

The UK is not only a diverse nation in terms of its culture and people but also caters to students with more than 2000 degrees to pursue their desired course, which may not be available in other countries.

Hence, there is a course for everyone! Whether you decide to explore theatre or continue studying cyber security, anyone can take their passion forward or learn something new with such a wide variety.

Best Options for Accommodation

Many international students apprehend that the UK can be an expensive country to live in. Although the cost of living in London can be a bit high, the other UK cities are pretty reasonable, especially regarding affordable student accommodation. 

So in case you choose to shift into the best student accommodation in Sheffield or top-notch student flats in Nottingham, you will find various options for affordable abodes with a friendly neighbourhood near major universities. These accommodations are safe and have excellent connectivity with public transport systems, hospitals, railway stations, and more. 

Great Culture!

The UK is not only a great place to enrich your minds but also to enliven your senses with stunning architecture to marvel at, rich history to explore, friendly & diverse culture for a great experience, and scenic countryside for a visual delight.

And you can start by visiting museums, art galleries, tourist landmarks, eat-out spaces, and shopping centres in your city. So whether you are residing in the accommodation near UCL or the University of Cambridge, you can plan to go for a refreshing night out or on a short trip to see some off the beaten paths in this magnificent country.

Financial Benefits

Studying in the UK can be a bit of a lavish affair, but don’t worry! There are many alternatives you can select to support yourself financially. 

International students who study a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate degree in the state are entitled to various types of financial help, such as grants, scholarships, and bursaries.

Furthermore, they are allowed to work part-time for up to 20 hours a week during their term time and full-time during the holidays. 

A plethora of Career Opportunities

With a higher employment rate than many countries globally, the UK provides students with a solid competitive edge in the corporate world. 

Many Multinational companies and big brands have their headquarters in the country, which means if you do well in your academics, there is a higher possibility of securing a job in one of them. Moreover, a degree from a UK university helps you shine in a job interview and build a strong network of professional connections.

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