The Rationality of Risk, Part 3: Rollercoasters, Burning Ships and the Hero’s Journey

By Christopher Surdak

In part three of the series on The Rationality of Risk, Chris Surdak gives some guidance on making friends with risk. Loss, failure and disappointment are a fundamental part of risk, and they are the part that most of us don’t particularly care for. But, if you aren’t facing the real possibility of negative outcomes, are you really taking any risk at all? And further, if you never take real risks, what is the likelihood that you will generate anything of real value?

risk2-537x350In this third installment I’d like to address why certain leaders are willing and able to take risks even after a history of losses. I’ll address why we celebrate these ‘heroes’ even as most of us would not make the same decisions as they did. And finally I’ll provide some guidance for those who may be interested in embracing risk as part of their approach to business in order to start their own ‘hero’s journey’.

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